Hello Dexsport community! We are offering you the latest updates about Dexsport, and we hope you can see the progress we make step by step.

Technical Development

— Affiliate page has been added

— Working on Turbo Games

— Testing the RED version of the platform, is 95% ready


— 4-Point Grid System has been


— Drawing promo banners inside the RED version

— Correction the RED version’s navigation menu

— The Sports Page has been updated

— New Games section with Crash X and DICE

— Customization of the Partner’s Personal Account


— The $BOT pool has become a part of our project

— YAY Games has joined us by providing liquidity to the $YAY pool

— There is constant advertising testing

Current Community Stats

Official Twitter: 28,370 followers

Official Telegram: 11,510 members

To learn more about Dexsport, stay updated on all our developments, visit our Website, and join us on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Telegram Group and LinkedIn.





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