Dexsport raised $2,6 M from major market players

Blockchain betting platform Dexsport is gaining popularity not only among the audience, but also among investors. Today, the project’s backers include 10+ major market players:

BSCPad, DEXTForce, KangaExchange, SuperLauncher, MaZee, Dust Ventures, Market Making Pro, YAY Games, Blue Moon,, Black Dragon, SYN, YoSu and Ground Zero.

Why have they joined us? One of our leading backers SuperLauncher shared its opinions about the reasons they support Dexsport project:

“Dexsport and SuperLauncher share a common vision of the web 3.0 evolution- where the concepts of decentralisation, openness and greater utility take centre stage. Equipped with strong leadership and a culture of innovation, Dexsport is uniquely positioned to distrupt the tradfi, gaming and betting landscape.”

Many of our investors are interested in the extensive capabilities of the Dexsport project: it has P2E, P2P, sport and eSport betting, Prediction Market, NFT Marketplace. Now there is practically no company with a similar set of features for the user — Dexsport is the first true decentralized betting platform.

And the quote from DEXTForce Venture, a powerful group of experienced, researched and committed DeFi traders and investors who, as a group, provide a significant interest and combined investment capacity, also proofes it:

“With rapid growth and understanding of DeFi brings innovation, we are excited to see Dexsports team lead the global betting sector with their fully operational decentralized betting platform and their future development of DESU chain.”

— DextForce Venture

We are thankful to our backers for their financial support in building first true decentralized betting platform! Resources from the raise will go to further development of Dexsport.




Dexsport — web3 betting platform with guaranteed liquidity for millions of users.

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Dexsport — web3 betting platform with guaranteed liquidity for millions of users.

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