Earn from World Cup’22 in web3: split $15,000 in Dexsport betting competition 🏆⚽️

2 min readNov 18, 2022

Each 4 years all countries, world best football players, referees and fans are united with the passion to the most popular and long awaited football tournament – FIFA World Cup. Understanding the scale of the event for each person and for the sport industry in general, we have decided to launch a World Cup Betting Competition aimed at rewarding your betting performance on the Dexsport platform.

Just a few simple steps divide you from getting rich – the biggest prize pool ever on Dexsport! Meet the following conditions in order to split $15,000:

Follow Dexsport Twitter account

Retweet the post and attach the link in this form (only accounts with more than 50 followers are accepted)

Get to leaderboard by placing bets on any FIFA World Cup 2022 events

This time everyone has a chance to win! There are two ways to get money: become one of 10 best bettors within the World Cup 2022 on Dexsport or just to place any bid and become one of 50 lucky people who will be randomly selected by the ones who meet all conditions!

The rewards will be distributed in the following way:

1 place: $3,000 BUSD

2 place: $2,500 BUSD

3 place: $2,000 BUSD

4 place: $1,500 BUSD

5 place: $1,500 BUSD

6 place: $1,000 BUSD

7 place: $1,000 BUSD

8 place: $700 BUSD

9 place: $500 BUSD

10 place: $300 BUSD

And also 100,000 $DESU – Dexsport native token – to the 50 lucky ones.

The results will be announced at the end of the tournament, on December 19, in our socials. Follow us in a preferred social network in order to stay updated.

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