Full Dexsport Review: let’s make betting safe and transparent

2 min readDec 6, 2022


Our project is constantly changing and adding new tools that are useful for our users. Dexsport is a Web3 betting platform that is currently operating on the BNB, Polygon, OKC and Avalanche blockchains. Dexsport’s goal is to demonstrate to customers that betting may be straightforward and honest.

Developers employ the strength of web3 tools, such as blockchain technology, to assist Dexsport protect user assets and privacy and make the betting process transparent in an effort to change users’ perceptions about betting.

Sports bettors impatiently await a blockchain-powered sports betting service with audited smart contracts, user-friendly policies, low commissions and fees – and, of course, meaningful volume. Today we have at least 6 main points for joining our platform.

Dexsport offers:

🔸 fast transactions,

🔸 no intermediaries,

🔸 no registration,

🔸 instant payouts,

🔸 no blocking of players

🔸 safe and at the same time transparent betting system.

We hope that before the end of this year this offering list will be expanded with new attractive options for our customers.

The Dexsport is updated in real-time and provides users with the opportunity to bet not only in BUSD tokens but also in other 11 tokens, among which is our native – $DESU.

This token is already tradable on PancakeSwap exchange and you can find it via its official smart contract address: 0x32f1518BaAcE69e85b9E5fF844eBd617c52573ac.

$DESU holders are eligible for bonuses and privileges with early access to new sporting events.

Join the platform right away. Betting in Web3 is the side of the compelling future we unveiled.




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