📌 How DeFi-Betting works and why everyone can easily become a player

This is a sphere of gambling and betting that has millions of fans around the world. People try to guess the results of various events: sports matches, political elections, music competitions. But often the technology at betting sites leaves more to be desired — it is slow and has an outdated interface.

Dexsport is a project that connects DeFi and betting. Every user will be able to see the whole process:
📎 Transaction — the user places a bet on the platform
📎 Confirmation of it in the blockchain
📎 Saving the bet in a “blockchain” along with the amount and digital signature
📎 Obtaining a hash — the block containing the bet gets a unique hash

Anyone can verify the authenticity of a bet as the block becomes publicly available once it is added to the blockchain. This is one of some of the innovations Dexsport has implemented with new technologies. The others include the ability to maintain anonymity, transparency of processes that can no longer be manipulated, availability of a liquidity pool for payments, connection to web3 via metamask and prevention of errors caused by human error. The project itself operates on the BSC network.

📍 The Dexsport project is truly groundbreaking for the betting world as well as for the users, among whom there are both cryptocurrency industry enthusiasts and gambling fans. Each user’s experience is now as simple and interesting as possible — every step is visible and clear. In order to place a bet, a cryptocurrency owner only needs to join the platform.

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Dexsport — web3 betting platform with guaranteed liquidity for millions of users.

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Dexsport — web3 betting platform with guaranteed liquidity for millions of users.

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