How does the liquidity pool work?

2 min readJul 21, 2021

No one likes waiting hours for a deal. The centralized betting market is almost entirely monopolized by the big players. They retain and set the odds on various events, and if you add to that the international taxation, constant identification procedures, and tightened payouts in case of a player’s honest win — you get an outdated betting business model.

The DexSport platform aims for a decentralized world, where players will deal with a common pool of liquidity and receive their winnings instantly. A liquidity pool is a kind of vault into which market participants put their assets to provide a very large supply of liquidity together.

In simple terms: bet — win — get your winnings instantly. It comes from the overall balance of the platform’s locked liquidity. The balance, in turn, is publicly available to each participant in the transaction and is constantly replenished by investors or otherwise by providers who make a profit in the form of a percentage for providing assets.

Thus, working with the liquidity pool and in the Web 3.0 concept, we solve several problems at once: fraud, long payments, dependence on centralized systems, sudden blocking of funds on the account, lack of control over personal funds.

In DexSport everything is as transparent as possible — now our project works in the BSC ecosystem and the liquidity pool is replenished with BUSD, we also plan to scale our solution to Polygon and Ethereum and increase the number of liquidity pools.

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