New Bеtting Pool on Dexsport — YAY Games Joins Us!

As Dexsport is a pioneer in the web3 betting market, our main goal is to create a seamless and convenient product. We have already launched three new betting pools in 2 weeks, which give our users a choice of tokens to bet on. Today we are upgrading our platform again and we are proud to announce that YAY pool is also running on Dexsport!

YAY Games is GameFi’s decentralized B2B and B2C ecosystem, targeting Play-2-earn, NFTs and DeFi. As GameFi’s ultimate brand, YAY Games is a one-stop shop for any blockchain-related gaming project, providing them with experiences, community and sophisticated game mechanics through ZEUS (IGO launchpad), LOOT (Gaming NFT Marketplace) and a host of smart-contract-based box solutions.

The $YAY token is traded on PancakeSwap, paired with BNB & BUSD. The official smart contract address is 0x524df384bffb18c0c8f3f43d012011f8f9795579

Each new partnership opens up new opportunities for Dexsport users and makes the project stronger and more reliable. To place a bet with the $YAY token, put money into the $YAY pool on the “My bets” page of the platform.

Welcome to the wonderful world of safe, secure and transparent web3 betting with Dexsport!




Dexsport — web3 betting platform with guaranteed liquidity for millions of users.

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Dexsport — web3 betting platform with guaranteed liquidity for millions of users.

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